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Other fv print* who think action I* heller than w'ord* ataricrl a terrorist campaign last spring. East to West, Please A LMOST every fenture of Ihe man- made "salcllites” which scientists now prrviici may he rocknfod in 1^7 be- yond the firth’s ftfmo Kphero to take tip new orbils m .sp' »”•• • Krn i-»»f Bnni'a bl*! bfui j-bu *111 bbat ai* tx br4J H*«a br« b Ibw •bl*h br*l«ba lb thla *btp*bbbl a Tea*rvn«rt Abf bntf wnu* M»a*i a *e*-TS - Mb"h*ni Thiiffttf. ’Oel Rid-Or Price TRAVELLERS CONSOLE A Fine Sel at the **Gef-Rid-Of” Price of .

ih* H*a'h*r bn* Th# Cat'atb b» Uib Lbb a IS'ne Bn"«*b- Bbv an P M* Iriaii Ore Autumn’s arrival at this 2.5-acre Fairyland. MOTOROLA TV •Get Kid-Or Price ALL THREE 9 , FOR ONLY 1 OK 434* A DAY! Children amied with chickens, cat*, dugx and tab- bits.

Urban areas urban cenirea In district municipalities having low population density; govern- ment by five ('ommissionerm. m T: NOS AIRES (API— The siomic farce of the 20th cen- tury a pipe-dream that coat Argentina an eatlmated billion pesos ih»' tnp n( th« )ieiiv) puv»‘ Int.i one of the ;in’h« of S! \’ariou.s elcetronic gadgets now work in factories and hand out goods to aistomcrs who tickle their Aid Curtia U a member of untended graves »«.i Ht Bf M tirifkl . Before dawn or after school, they are about their business as independent young merchants on their own Where they succeed it i.s of their own initiative and effort.s. It was recalled that a slight stringfer of gold had been revealed in Ihe hole some feel below* the level of Govern- ment Ixireei. Street- Without wishing to promote a gold rush here- abouts he told me he had had a theory W'htch mention of the gold find had revived. But now the -li Si.'SX) Greek Cypriots, about 80 per cent of Ihe island's population, are trying to force the British nut and effect “eno- sis." or political union with Gref H*e. headed hy the “eih- narrh.“ or national leader of Cyprus, Archbishop b Ukarios HI, claim the people have a right to riecule hy vole what (heir p«)i Mical future .shall be. I 1 ‘ririxl from b W tn Dnjm- mi-:n s stork ion FORT ST. Aboard any of the four big Orient Line eipreta *kip*. EAS^ TERMS 2t 5IONTHS TO PAY Kurtrral -.ervi'es wilt he held at 1.15 pm, Irw Uv from Mri Aili* chapel for Ruhert J Neixon. a lone UTie rexpleni of Victoria who died in Veteran.x' Hc paxt 20 yeanx he helped Waller Gravliii at the I'Ontf Club He wax an liunorary m»mher the Pro Patna branch. and went oventeax Iw Hh Mie KUrd Batiaimn In Wfi returrung in l! s.c., 5*t., o«t a, iks Sport** Fixiun'n Srliriliilf'cl l'o , Viriorla Cougars openwl the Western Moi'key league season last night by thumping New Westminster R«»vals, II, at Memorial arena A fli^appoining P'd p'l F prd ta *8 N fi Fnr R 42 • »4f**s* -C 189 A9C tt*'Tinpt B rittii O ' TPipna.i.a* Min», Hno* Rfliin B If BUHOB L * P Ini.r Htr*p*i Ff It Urr Rim Map# IBM' T * T Iniar Nkkal JB4n. D'pflr* Mflnmo FFTf Ward Nttinti Bi t Raituari Amii OUnp M RF* Tnrfe Cmiral si Riialr Oil a#* I'n* •pjih Fm Panrit •ou'7i»rn aa a* a Ffi.

that the “strike'’ had been indicated by the piacing of a stake at Ihe edge of the aideualk next the Windsor Hotel on Brough- ton. It wa.s that pans of Vii-toria were hiillt over blark sand deposits, with which the pre- nous metal Is liable to be associated. was when directing construction of the ('apltol Theatre Yates and Blan* shard, he failed to have .several wheelbarrows full of black sand, which Ihr drill* brought In light, as xayed. The British reject Ihia (dea, C'yprita Is a Crown colony and Its people British subjects with no mote right lo vole themselves (ireek subjeci.*, the Briiiah say. youll find wonderful food, fun end friendibip You'll reapund to the ineitation of •parkling ap Dr U Urrka, air ronditioned public room*, the magic which only en ©reen voyage can offer. Uk [ Mr Nelvon, pre«|ei ea«by [hix w Uc, IX xurvnved bv a daiigh- I ter Mrx May Ie.a«h. 1 V road, and two ^onx John of Victoria, and \Ve0'* *' Some are slightly marked hut we can take \our trade-in ^a.s I he down pay- ment. Remember the quantity Is limited; firrt come find served. 43 artirl M of laetiog mtariwt in- cluding the haat from laadmg macau Mi and currant hooka, m Full Warranty On Frery I’n H MOOim AKIFA AITOMATPC MAk HFB This advertisement is not published or (Lsplsyc Kl by the tjqunr Control Boiird i nodn^d form. Pfpar BMndprd Cktif B«mnd OU M* Biud Ffok Fr YFtkf Cdr# Min Cpb I Pot Dnin« Ctr Uid P Uni Afi pirlfl F Opi'Pil Airtran Dn'If# Air i.l Bta Odi'Fd Oil Uni'Fd Pnit I’p a .i-npr «’B P'.

Mtiiiiiipal Aftnir^ Mini5i'd f)»'w muai i Htillan admidlstratlon. air M% to Kovrrnmrnt nfflriala area like tirratrr Victona. Testifying at Petloek's pre- liminary hearing, hi* «t*ter. *m I kls 16- mnnth-oid daoghler RWr re- ceived hand bum* last alglii when a flaah Rre oee in red aa the fath^ Ht the kltc h e M oil «tove. There Is a which comes onerhaps earned Ihe family nickname of "Trouble-the*House.“ Suddenly Ihe lime comes when he find.s himself, when all that is laid aside as ‘‘kid's sttiff '■ A bright and eager inle|. In the .schools these lads stand high in their claws. having ie«d In Ih U paper a tew days previously that a drill was to he employed in testing Ihe rhararter ot the ground beneath Ihe old post nftu-e building at Govern- ment and Wharf . - lerday for careless dnvi Mp Aup adequate brakes nn hix car and Ml’GS A. Canad/a K A 'Qiir-B)OB:f MESTMm TEAPOTS English Semi - Porcelain Cups and Saucers CANADA SAVINGS BONDS Dogwood Pattern' 20-Pitcs Apartment Sett Enclish wmi-porcclain in iho modern rouic* shape.

serve* for capital expenditures and expense* of a a(ecial na- ture 4Ir. Of JO; eight aldermen for ciiie* over O Diatncts - large areas with Pinay Loyal A t High Cost FEZ, FTenrh Morocco (Up) — Tanks of Ihe French Foreign I^egion bla«ted through enrirc ling Riff rebel* yesterday to raise Ihe siege of Ihe 'Htlle Dien Bien Phu ' fortress of Tirl Ourll. I think he's asking for trouble THANKSGIVING WEEK-END SPECIAL SAILINGS SIDNEY- AN ACORTES Washington State Ferries Th» ririrh' M*4 Rill':!?! of i-n(ir»e, prefer to res m^in neutral.'’ ftn Arm Korker Paper Price Hike Would Be Passed On EXTRA EASY WEEKLY TERMS TO HELP YOU PAY! wool MELLO FLEECE From p.n Kland Golden •lor FOR INSIDE WORKERS Hyacinths 1.50 doz. so frc-uknua Uv i.t charge 0 fnr an apja-ndix oppiaiini..

ft* stand on hcilth losorarte *ec-n* to a lijman lair, reasonable and llmety. MIX f..r Ifwal condiiinn* BULBS a full Ktoi'k of (up-grade Fall Bulh* fasn* --If in ttirinf MU avr i. "we feel it Is un- world wars walked Into the .tfficials announced that d*ma- fair to ask voluntary- canvassers .,|fu-e of chest prc I'uurt- lions had already passeii 20 per to give up so much time from nev Haddock, explained he . -“' men gii aahor* at Nan..ow* Bay for Thank.sglving serx-i.-e* with the II. After ennvoy work at sea the It ship’' return to at 2 pm Oct l. torj H*do firing, and co-'vpeiallon with Kl'AK air- from Comox and Vancou- ver Vt RMICUUte ZONOLITE insulates vour home for so little £75 £*£ 753 ^ to buy £75 thc low-priced cars! Metal rarry- Inc handle, heavy nlrkle- plated locks, full piano hince.

Gold I* where it ia found alwa)*, Irreapeclive of how other metal*, preeiou.* or oihei-wi.*e. Even when found “In place" it 1 * no guar- antee of fortune to Its dlicoverer. Rviv It’s Topcoat Time TKo woodarfwl clinging g-'-'a o! A- • KKenive* to date have In- chideil individual ‘•hip evotu- lions and drll U gunner-y. Ask your Lumber Dealer about easy time payments Victoria Retail Lumber Yards Ltd. Limited 2324 Government SC 1-1141 PORE Sidney Lumber Ltd.

er en gratis datingservice med over 100.000 brugerprofiler.During Ihe l S9fv* there wa« another bit of gold excitement aiirred locally when a prospe Mor alaked and ap- plied for a mineral claim on a point nf rock below Beacon Hill bluff* overlooking Juan de Fuca . With considerable labet-i*lly lo the younger element Galling attention to the ha/anl let- ter.* began to appear in Ihe daily paper* and were the caa*e of the hole being covered with a ral*ed platform with a trap-door arrange- men! Year* after (hat claim bad been abandoned after *ea water found Ha way through frac- ture* of the rock and prov-ed the method of attack impracticable, there was nobody Intereated apjwirenlly in protecting shore wanderer* from falling Into the hole after the cover- ing had gone. which also in the course of some year* filled It with ruhhie and jock* from *eaward. If memory serve* me right, there wa.* a well inteniioned effort nn the part of some pro«peetor* to open up a mineral claim believed lo have po*«ibltitie* on the property long known a* Rithet'a Fatm out Saanich way t'onsldarable wa* print- ed relating to (hi* buxlneaa at Ihe time And Ihe particular* might be verified by peru*lng old filea Being of volcanic origin, venturesome pros- pector* have sought and are ailll seeking for the precinu* metal wher ever they are privileged to *eek on Vancouver Island It )« generally known from what Goldatream de- nved It* name, and that a lot of the precious metal was taken from leeci^ River in the tong ago So it is not too far fetched a thought to think It might he found under Greater Vic- fo Tla. 2 SS 3 Government SL 2-5181 Virlorla's Riudest • Dealer YATES AT QUADRA HITTINGTOM 2614 Bridra HC 1901 (iovernment . EATON'S Offers Big Savings on These Features Plfaae, No Telephone or Mail Ordert Fire-Resistant Security Chests Metal srrurity chests for vnltiahlrs. even It the thinking won't get 00 a IA okay to dig lor it. ha* been re.sponsl- hie for bombings murders and rlnt* The Briltxh have had to bring in l.'ii V) Marine commando* to control the Rituaflon. er stedet hvor personer over 60 år kan møde jævnaldrene.Ikke kun i forhold til dating, men i forhold til alle former for relationer. Det er muligt at søge en partner, venner, rejsepartnere eller blot hygge og debat.

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