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The composition opens with cold, green notes of leaves and apple. great performance - outperforms those costing 5 times as much. I like it vice love it because I do find the scent a little generic (probably ground breaking when it came out, but one of the crowd now...).

There is a tender dewy mimose in the heart, which is blended with watery note of lotus and an interesting accord of linen sail of a yacht. Almost a dead ringer for Tommy Bahama "Cognac," but with a bit shorter longevity and an added woodsy/mossy note that is most welcome in an otherwise fruit-forward freshie. :) Cheap, super clean crowd pleaser, warm weather scent. E6 8014943496 - 100m L This is the bottle with the plastic cap. That being said, am definitely buying another one when current bottle runs out. I liked it a lot more at first, it is kind of like a cooling cucumber. However, after smelling some better frags, this one smells very synthetic and I can only handle it every once in a while. I've never received more compliments from a fragrance than Nautica Voyage!

didn't seem to last very long but not gone quick to a skin scent either. I bought this when I first started getting into fragrances and got it mainly based on reviews and the price.

It is certainly great value for money which makes sense if you're going to buy 2 colognes then nothing more.

Or any brands that seem to have an unspoken pact to never create androgynous men’s apparel designer houses tailor. Probably he’s the man whose preference girls never doubt, too.

Perfume yourself with this juice if you need to smell like the beefcake most ladies desire to see shirtless. Here's the real deal scoop: 3.4 oz bottle, , smell is amazing.

Join now and watch extreme sex videos, submit your own videos, rate the vids you watched and join the community. kinda like cool water but with some extra zest or zing to it that pops.smells like ocean water, summer breezes, and flowers all together. i can't tell how long it lasts yet but will guess around 4-6 hours. definitely had a few people tell me they can smell it while i sprayed it on a couple of hours earlier.All the notes here are discernible and there are several phases of evolution here, with the lotus, green and apple accords extending themselves deep into the dry-down. I absolutely do get an "appley" soapy body wash vibe from this.Scent: B Longevity: A Sillage: B (less is more with this scent) Originality: A- Versatility: B Blending: B /A- Value: A Overall: A-/B Hmmm. but tried to wear it after a few times and just got grossed out by the cheap sweet synthetic vibe of it. It's one thing to smell something like this and like it before you smell truly beautiful summery creations of someone like Jean-Claud Elena ... And I do have the plastic cap reformulation but it lasts a good long 7ish hours on my skin.

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