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If you please give me the e-mail of hanks, my son will send him a video playing the drums. Medici, who quite EXPERTLY handled this transaction. Sincerely, I wanted to just tell you how impressed I am with Sam Ash music, in particular, Jimmy Agnello and more specifically, you! He promptly called you and I understand that you were very quick to basically say, this guy’s had enough problems, just give him what he paid in store credit.

If not, and if you let me, I'll soon send it to you and I will be glad if you can send it to him. I was very impressed that she has been with Sam Ash for 15 years! 12 years ago I bought what I thought was a Clapton Signature Fender Strat. To make a long story short, I had to sell it, but being a part/piece guitar, I was getting offers at 0 or below. Jimmy, e-mailed me as soon as he found out and arranged a meeting for him and me to get together and resolve the issue.

But with the incentive of Brian we realized tha my son was so good, on the very first moment.

I would like to thank them and tell you the good job they are doing in your store.

) Guitar is pretty much set up straight out of the box... Thank you again -- all of you -- for the parts you played in getting this terrific instrument to me.

We had no intention to buy drums or any kind of instrument for him, because he already tryed piano, guitar and sax here in Brazil...

Now I believe not only is that true but you have the best employees too.

I had purchased for my daughter Miranda, in 8th grade in the East Meadow School District, a fantastic violinist in her 5th year of playing, a Kaces violin case a little less than a year ago from your store.

Your help and professional assistance was paramount to this gig being a success for me.

But, the great news is, that this gig, which was really an 'audition' for me , resulted in me now being the 'Go-to" George Harrison lead player for all of Britishmania's Northeast shows!

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