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She’s now going to try on a bunch of her pink shit for the photo shoot. She is talking over him as he’s trying to give her direction.

This only gets good if he turns into a complete asshole. She’s agreeing to go out with him, even though it breaks a rule that you should never date anyone at your gym. “I brought notes, I haven’t written anything,” she says. He’s gone up, she’s admiring his legs, now it’s Amy’s turn. She’s climbing like “a little spider monkey.” She made it to the top. “You are fun, you are smart, you’re a little crazy, but I don’t feel I’m falling for you.” She’s weeping. He’s telling her the makeup and the whole personality is keeping people away. Too bad you told her in the first session that she was perfect. The Tisdale chat was boring, by the way, and had nothing to do with the show.

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UPDATE: “He doesn’t scream husband material.” Ooops — hint to the madness.

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