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In fact, in XP a lot of those protections we’re bypassing [such as ASLR] don’t even exist." Another common criticism concerns the integration of a new form of digital rights management (DRM) into the operating system, specifically the Protected Video Path (PVP), which involves technologies such as High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) and the Image Constraint Token (ICT).These features were added to Vista due to licensing restrictions from the HD-DVD consortium and Blu-ray association.

This list is distributed to PCs over the Internet using normal update mechanisms.

existed that would allow any driver, unsigned or signed to be loaded.

Atsiv worked by installing a signed "surrogate" driver which could be directed to load any other driver, thus circumventing the driver signing requirement.

A subset of the benchmarks used were provided by Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (or SPEC), who later stated that such "results should not be compared to those generated while running Windows XP, even if testing is done with the same hardware configuration." SPEC acknowledges that an apple-to-apples comparison cannot be made in cases such as the one done by Tom's Hardware, calling such studies "invalid comparisons." However, the Tom's Hardware report conceded that the SPECviewperf tests "suffered heavily from the lack of support for the Open GL graphics library under Windows Vista".

For this reason the report recommended against replacing Windows XP with Vista until manufacturers made these drivers available.

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