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When she wakes up, he plays games on her breasts very metaphorically, like how he is probably playing games with her heart.The oldest sibling, Amy Landecker’s Sara, is a harried upper-middle-class mom with a Hispanic housekeeper and a husband who leaves without saying good-bye in the morning so we know their relationship is super solid.Sara runs into her ex, Tammy (s Melora Hardin), the coolest, pantsuit-iest lesbian mom ever.

Ali tells her BFF Carrie Brownstein that she wants to make an Urban Outfitters tabletop book based on That is really rough and pathetic.

Instead of being like, “Giiiiiiirl, no,” Brownstein is like, “Yeah, maybe.” Does that make her a good friend or a bad one?

Meanwhile, her brother Josh (Jay Duplass) lies awake anxiously beside a sleeping young blonde.

The kids’ father (Jeffrey Tambor) calls each of them, and Ali heads to Josh’s, where he’s babysitting a band named Glitterish, which includes a teenager on triangle and the girl he’s sleeping with.

Ali chides him for being a grown man who only has sex with young girls.

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