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That said, you should always call a person by the name they ask you to call them.If you don’t, you’re basically saying you know better than they do who they “really” are. And go with the flow if that changes, or if it’s not a pronoun you’re familiar with!

Many bathrooms are already the exact kind of design that’s great for so many people - all that needs to change is the sign on the door, and for someone to step up to do the work to make it happen.Raechel and I sat down together to talk about some of the lessons we’ve learned, especially about how to be an ally (or accomplice) to transgender people in life and in love.Raechel Ann Jolie: One of the first times I messed up is when I was talking about a trans friend of mine and I used their former name because the story I was telling happened in the past, before they transitioned.I also had the luck of meeting the most incredible, intelligent, and loving woman who would become my future partner.Raechel sees me and loves me for exactly who I am — not in spite of it.

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