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Previous icons featured include Sammie Davis, Jr., Pam Grier, Bernie Mac, Dick Gregory, Vivica A. New episodes will focus on Eartha Kitt, Megan Good, Charlie Murphy, Hill Harper, Rudy Ray Moore and Tim Reid.

Hollywood Divas This one-hour reality series highlights the ups and downs of black actresses trying to navigate career, family and relationships, while attempting to remain relevant and stay on top in an unpredictable entertainment industry known for overlooking black talent.

Their hunger to succeed is only surpassed by a love for each other and the hope that they can conquer the inevitable growing pains, conflicts and drama that lie in the path on the way to what could be astonishing success.

And I’m glad to see them become even more aggressive with their content.Against all odds, the clever and talented women enlisted the help of “A-List” Hollywood in their endeavor, including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster, Peter Lawford, Cary Grant, Sammy Davis Jr., Judy Garland, Nat King Cole and more.Ella and Marilyn’s mission would ultimately give rise to perhaps the greatest jazz recordings in history.Kindred spirits, the women shared similar relationship issues with their husbands and found solace in each other.The movie also follows the fight the women took on to desegregate the nightclub business.

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