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Vowing to avenge his parents, Daniel Rand studied martial arts under Lei Kung while growing up in K'un-Lun.His closest friends were Miranda Rand-K'ai, whom he did not know was his half-sister, and a K'un-Lun boy named Conal D'hu-Tsien.

He can sense mystic energy, particularly that which is related to K'un-Lun.Meachum knew of Danny's return and placed a bounty of ten thousand dollars on his head.The open contract left Rand open to attacks from other costumed menaces such as the man called Scythe.Daniel Rand is the son of Wendell Rand, who had, as a youth, visited the mystic city of K'un-Lun, which materialized in the Himalayas once a decade; founded roughly a million years ago by extraterrestrials, K'un-Lun was co-ruled by the aliens' descendants and powerful beings called the Dragon Kings, who were themselves subject to the godlike sorcerer Master Khan.Rand had saved the life of K'un-Lun's ruler Lord Tuan, who adopted Rand as his heir, to the resentment of Tuan's son, Yu-Ti.

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Within a year, he became a successful businessman and married Heather Duncan.

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  1. Nogle vil have bevægelsesfrihed og rum i starten, andre vil tages med storm. Jeg er jo efterhånden en halvgammel dame, og jeg vil hjertens gerne dele ud af de ting, jeg HAR opdaget i min rejse mod Jon.